Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Misfortune and Fortune

Follow-up to earlier post...

Jennie and Keisha drove the car to her Mom's house this afternoon. They got directions to her uncle's repair shop, but apparently they got lost, and on the way back to her Mom's, the car conked out.

Fortunately, it had enough momentum to coast down the hill so that Jennie could park it in front of her Mom's house. Unfortunately, the power windows and power moonroof couldn't close. Fortunately, her Mom had some plastic to wrap around the car in case it rained, and fortunately, it didn't.

Jennie called to tell me everything that had happened, and then she and Keisha caught the bus back home. After hanging up, I praised God that I fortunately hadn't decided to take the hour-long one way trip up to Dayton. I might have gotten stranded on the highway, just as I did back in January.

This morning Jennie and I will walk Keisha to her school, which fortunately is only about 15 minutes away (Jennie knows a shortcut). We have a meeting with her teacher and the principal about her interpreting services - a topic long enough for a post of its own, so I won't go into detail here.

Jennie will call her uncle later this morning, and hopefully he'll be able to look at our car, correctly diagnose the problem, and be able to fix it without a large expense. We are so fortunate to have a mechanic in the family.

Fortunately, Jennie had last night off; she's got tonight off, too. Fortunately, I've been able to work from home this week.

As I look back over this post, I see more Fortune than Misfortune. Amen. Thank you, God!

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Deb said...

Glad you didn't get stuck on the freeway. That happened to us 2 Christmas' ago. Fortunately it died next to the .3 mile marker in Florida which has an emegency phone thingie. The tow company towed us all the way home along with stopping at the rest area so we could use the bathroom. Boy was I ever thankful. We were broke at the time.

Hope your car is fixed rapidly and with little charge!