Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Springtime Sore Throat Blues

Mood: ugh
Listening to: Dave's Lounge
Watching: Grey's Anatomy Season Finale (last night)

Not feeling good today. Came home last night with a sore throat, and this morning I got a stuffy head, too. Cold springtime weather and not getting enough vitamin C are probable causes - and not getting enough rest, too, I reckon.

So, to celebrate my condition, how about some blues, which I came up with just a few minutes ago:

Woke up yestahday mornin'
Was cold inside my home
Woke up yestahday mornin'
And I began to moan

Cuz it's cold outside
And this sore throat ain't no fun

Springtime sore throat blues
Got me feeling really down
Springtime sore throat, stuffy head blues
Don't feel like goin into town

Supposed to be much warmer,
This cold givin me a frown

Springtime sore throat blues
O why'd this happen to me
Got the springtime sore throat blues
I need some vitamin C
Gimme some juice and some rest and some warm clothes
And please just let me be.

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