Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Provisional Voting

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I was feeling a bit ashamed that I wasn't going to be able to vote today for the school levy I mentioned yesterday. Then this morning, as I'm taking Jake for a walk, Jennie had stopped by Keisha's bus stop on her way home from work. I wound up getting back home before she did, and I got everything ready to head to the car. The only problem was that Jennie hadn't gotten home yet.

So I called her on her cell phone, and I found out that she was inside our rental office, voting. She told me that they'd let us vote with a provisional ballot, since we didn't get registered at our current address in time for this primary.

So I did wind up voting. I don't care about the partisan crap; I just voted on the issues. It was really easy because, for us, there was just the one school district levy issue. It took more time to do the paperwork for the provisional ballot than to cast my vote.

And I learned that our precinct is the rental office in our apartment complex. I wonder if that's common for apartment complexes. Anyone have any thoughts to share? Anyone?

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