Monday, October 31, 2005

JIMM 16 - The Cheryl Dawson Memorial Walk-a-thon

This post will remain at the top for the duration of October, for Domestic Violence Awareness month - DAJ (originally posted 200510040312)

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JIMM 16 (36:01, 32.9 MB) is an audio podcast taken from audio recorded on Sunday, September 25, 2005. On that day members of the Cincinnati church of Christ, as well as others in the community, participated in the One Voice Cheryl Dawson Memorial Walk to help victims of domestic abuse and raise awareness of domestic violence. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, so this event was aptly timed!

Cheryl Dawson was stabbed to death outside her workplace in March of 2002 by her estranged husband. She was a member of the Cincinnati church of Christ. (related post from March 2002: "One More Angel in Heaven")

In my research for this podcast, I browsed over to the YWCA Greater Cincinnati website and discovered that they have an Art Gallery, where this month they have a special exhibit going on this month entitled "Empty Chairs, Painful Windows". I mention more about it in the podcast.

Please, if you live in or close to the Cincinnati area, make time to visit this exhibit. The Y is located at the corner of Walnut and 9th Streets, across from the public library, in downtown Cincinnati. My wife, my daughter, and I visited the gallery while it was running. It was truly a moving experience.

Thanks go out to everyone who lent their voices to this podcast, including but not limited to, Brad, Mike, Jay, Tom, Betsy, my Mom, and many others.

Songs played:

  1. "Meant to Be" - Rob Costlow
  2. "I Do" - Rob Costlow
  3. "Glory, Glory" - Cincinnati church of Christ congregation
  4. "Family" - Rob Costlow
  5. "How I Got Over" - Cincinnati church of Christ choir

  6. "Not Alone" - Rob Costlow
  7. "Did You Think" - Adrina Thorpe
    Read the lyrics to "Did You Think"!
As I've listened to this podcast several times myself over the past few days, I'm struck by how well the music goes with everything you hear from the individual audio clips.

October 7, 2005 Update: Thanks to Jon from the Tanfastic podcast for playing the promo for this show!

As always thanks go out to the folks who help make this possible:
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  • Music Alley (formerly Podsafe Music Network)
  • and their partnership with the Internet Archive
  • Anyone else I may have left out
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Margaret said...

I am inspired by your dedication to this subject.

Within our own family we have dealt with this issue and in our global family the effects of domestic violence linger on.

You may never know who was inspired to make a change in their life because you, Jennie and Keisha stood up to be counted.

In memory of all my sisters who walked the path but didn't survive you are not forgotten and your life is celebrated.

For those of my sisters who still live with this you are not alone and you can have victory.

You can make it; there is a way out.

And to my sisters who have found the way out we need to be vigilant to continue to shine the light so those who are searching can find their way.

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