Monday, May 01, 2006

Vote for our Community Tomorrow

Tomorrow, May 2, 2006, is primary day in Ohio. Our local school district has a very important levy on the ballot: Issue 5. Over the past several months, the district has reached out to the community through various activities. Some of the activities we've witnessed at Weigel Elementary School are as follows:

Donuts with Dad
Free Squeeze Play Dance Concert
Moment with Mom

Then, yesterday, we attended the Colerain High School Activities Festival at the high school. This was a time for middle and elementary kids to see the kinds of extra-curricular activities that are currently available at the high school.

Keisha spent most of the time in with the "Show Cards," the dance troupe, learning some moves. I spent time listening to the jazz band play "Birdland" and "Shake, Rattle, and Roll". Later on, we heard the marching band play in the hallways.*

Many of these activities, as I understand, will have to be eliminated if the levy fails tomorrow. Bussing will be severely limited, too.

We've gotten phone messages from Anthony Munoz, a former Cincinnati Bengal who has remained active in the Cincinnati area, and from Hall of Fame Cincinnati Reds baseball announcer Marty Brennaman, urging us to vote for the levy.

* For me it was like being back in high school, playing on Friday mornings in the fall before our football games, when we'd play as fellow students arrived. We'd jam so hard in the lobby of the school.

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