Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Don't Know If I'm Feeling Better

WARNING: This post contains gross descriptions of being sick. Please move on if you don't wish to be bothered.

I don't know if I'm feeling better or not.

Last night, as I mentioned earlier, I rested. Jennie and Keisha had gone out for the evening, and when they returned, I felt like getting up. Besides, I couldn't sleep:

I went to the bathroom and started coughing up phlegm, and I wound up throwing up. Pretty disgusting. The coughing was so hard and it hurt so much I was crying. I decided not to use my voice for the rest of the night, except maybe a whisper.

Jennie and I flipped through some channels, and we wound up watching the movie Godsend. Very eerie. After it was over, we went to bed.

I put some vapor rub on my chest and neck, and Jennie put some on my back. I took another vitamin C pill, an Ibuprofen, and a decongestant pill I had from a prescription I'd gotten several months ago.

It rained hard last night, and I wound up waking up in sweat - more wet than usual.

I guess I'm feeling a little better than last night, but that's not saying a lot. My throat still hurts badly, and I have a little bit of congestion and the lethargy. My appetite is present, but just a little.

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Anonymous said...

You've had a rough go of it Dan, take care of yourself, you are in my prayers.
Get well eh?

Bene D