Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Eyes, Teeth, and Throat


I have an appointment this morning at 9 am to get my new contact lenses. We've tried with a different type a few weeks ago, but they seemed to get dry too easily. The optician found a different brand with everything in my prescription except for the astigmatism correction. In other words, these lenses were spherical and tend to rotate in my eyes as I wear them (did you know that happens?), but I need lenses that don't do that. The lenses I need are thicker at one edge, which is at the bottom, to keep them from rotating, because of the astigmatism.

Over the past couple weeks, the newer lenses have felt more comfortable, but it's been an issue when I've had to sit at the computer for a long time. So I'm hoping these do the trick.

I'm still planning on getting glasses, especially for when I'm not feeling well. We'll get to that later. But first...


Keisha "lost" another tooth yesterday. I use the quote marks because we weren't sure if it was really loose or not. You see, because she knows the Tooth Fairy brings money, we have suspicions that she's using this as a money-making opportunity, albeit a painful one.

In our home, as I've mentioned before, we call the Tooth Fairy before Keisha goes to bed on nights like last night*. She told me (*wink*) to tell Keisha that she shouldn't pull out her teeth until they are ready.

We're not sure how many baby teeth she has left; there can't be many more.


My throat still feels awful. I bought some N'ice(tm) throat lozenges yesterday on the way home, and those are mildly successful. Combined with my stuffy head, it's a pretty good cold.

I need to boost my vitamin C big time, and I'll consider going to the doctor for some medicine, or some recommendation of an Over-the-counter remedy.

*Note to self: find previous post that discusses what contacting the Tooth Fairy is like.

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