Monday, May 01, 2006

To the Library for some Bookish Stuff

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I went to the library on my way home from work. Going to a different branch than I normally go to from time to time is nice. Different surroundings and different selections.

I'd called the branch when I was still in the Dayton area to see if they had a DVD of Mr. Holland's Opus, one of our family's all-time favorite movies.

I dropped off

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3),
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2-Disc Full Screen Edition) (Harry Potter 3), and
some other children's book Keisha had checked out
I then browsed the non-fiction section for a book on personal finance for dummies, idiot's guide to personal finance, or K.I.S.S. guide to personal finance, but didn't find anything like that.

Instead I wound up checking out
Mr. Holland's Opus,
Cats for Dummies,
Time Management for Dummies, Second Edition,
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Magic Tricks, and
KISS: Behind the Mask - Official Authorized Biography

The movie, as I mentioned earlier, was one I had the librarian pull for me. The books I found while browsing the shelves. Here's why I picked each book:

Cats for Dummies - we know our cat Zoe talks to us and communicates to us with meows and purrs and other actions, but we're not exactly sure if we understand what she's saying

Time Management for Dummies - in the past I've gotten really into this kind of thing, but I got it this time more for browsing, not sure if I'd make the time to really read it. Who knows?

Idiot's Guide to Magic Tricks - one of my recurring hobbies, maybe I'll find something simple to do to thrill Keisha or one of her friends

KISS: Behind the Mask - when I was 7-9 years old, I was a KISS fanatic. I remember tracing the album cover of "Rock And Roll Over" on some notebook paper. My friends and I would pretend we were members of the band whenever we'd play together and listen to the music together. I remember Jamie was Gene Simmons, Rob was Ace, Gary was Paul, and I was Peter Criss. We were so good. I think David, who actually DID play the drums, doubled for me as Peter Criss sometimes.

At one time I owned a lot of their albums, including a blood-red Dressed to Kill LP. I wound up destroying them all once I had become convinced by other adults that KISS stood for Knights In Satan's Service. I regret having done that now, but I'm over it. I'm thinking of buying some tracks from iTunes. But for now, I have the book.

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