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Friday, March 21, 2008

New Media Cincinnati - Why attend a Podcamp?

In this 20-minute recording from the March 2008 New Media Cincinnati meetup, the group explores the reasons why someone would want to attend a Podcamp. Thanks to Angelo Mandato, Cliff Ravenscraft, Debba Haupert, Krista Neher, Amybeth Hale, and others for their comments.

Please check out http://podcampohio.com/ for more information.

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New Media Cincinnati - iRiver Introductions

At the March New Media Cincinnati meetup, I passed around the iRiver so that folks could introduce themselves, not only to those present at the meetup, but also to folks who were not able to make it.

In order of appearance:

1. Daniel Johnson, Jr. http://danieljohnsonjr.com/

2. Jeremy Laughlin http://twitter.com/phlegon

3. Daniel Lewis http://djosephdesign.com/, http://theramennoodle.com/

4. Andrew Paradies http://photrade.com/, http://andrewparadies.com/

5. Krista Neher http://photrade.com/, http://kristaneher.com/

6. Lin Miller http://linsews.com/

7. Brent Miller http://dbrent.com/, http://sojournchronicles.com/

8. Heather Mandato http://leakybagel.com/blog

9. Angelo Mandato http://podcampohio.com/, http://angelo.mandato.com/

10. Amybeth Hale http://amybethhale.com/

11. Katy McGreevey http://gameluv.com/

12. Shawn Sackenheim http://gameluv.com/

13. Debba Haupert http://girlfriendology.com/

14. Ram http://xearn.com/, http://twitter.com/ram18

15. Cliff Ravenscraft http://twitter.com/GSPN, http://bitcastmedia.com/

16. Kristen Beireis http://virtualhelper4u.com/, http://twitter.com/…enthusiast

17. Andy Osier http://andyosier.com/, http://halftonemedia.com/

18. Barbara Baker http://kolbemarket.com/

Long distance mention of Chris Bergman from http://pausemagazine.com/

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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Weight: 221.6
Pants size: 40

You may be aware that since the second week of January, all three of us have been attending Weight Watchers meetings. I started out at 231 lbs and size 42 waist.

I'm thinking of blogging my continued efforts. I'd have to say that, in addition to the normal things like tracking what I'm eating better and exercising more, attending regular meetings and having our entire family involved has been really helpful.

There's a whole fatblogging movement going on already here, so I think blogging about my efforts here will help.

Feel free to join the conversation!

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Shaping up to be a busy weekend

The weekend is here and it's setting up to be a busy one:

  • Jennie works tonight.
  • Saturday morning we have our weekly Weight Watchers meeting.
  • After that meeting we're going to call the pediatrician to see if she'll see Keisha about her earache, the same one that's been keeping her from wearing her hearing aids.
  • Saturday afternoon I'm going to the New Media Cincinnati meetup.
  • Sunday morning I'm singing in the choir at church, an a cappella song called "How Excellent". It's gonna be awesome.
  • I'll also be helping run the sound during the service. Come join us if you'd like.
  • Sunday afternoon I have a 20-year reunion planning meeting with other classmates.
  • Sunday evening I'll be on The Pod 5 Live, and I hope you'll join the party there as well.
Somewhere between we'll be resting and eating and grocery shopping and somehow spending time together as a family. I guess I'll be looking forward to getting back to work on Monday so that I can get some rest, ;-) .

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Twitter makes sharing the subtle nuances of life with friends and family easy

I used to put a small byline by each blog post here at the Journey Inside My Mind Blog:

Mood: Happy
Listening to: Coverville
Reading: Join the Conversation by Joseph Jaffe
Eating: baby carrots
Watching: Twitter in Plain English
These short, bite-sized nuggets (such as what you just saw above)would let you know how and what I was doing. Since August 2006, however, I've opted for a different way: Twitter

You may already know about Twitter, but the folks from Common Craft have put together a video that really helps it make sense:

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