Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Maybe Not

I woke up this morning, and my right ear was clogged again, and my sore throat was scratchy. Didn't I type this last week? I thought I was feeling better, but maybe not.

I got up and got dressed to go up to the office in Dayton. After eating breakfast, I took Keisha to school. I noticed, on the way there, that the coolant temperature was getting high again.

After dropping Keisha off, I drove to the gas station to refuel, and I checked the coolant cap, and it was hot. As I drove away to start the journey to the freeway, I noticed the battery light start blinking on and off, flickering. I opted to go back home instead, remembering what had happened back in January with our other car: I got stranded on the highway, and it wound up being pretty expensive to get back on the road, with the rental fees and different car purchased, etc.

So I'm back at home, which is okay.

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