Thursday, December 29, 2005

On My MP3 Player

Hey folks! I put a podcast together some time ago, sharing some "Podcasts in My Ears", but I thought you might be interested in knowing everyone I listen to. So here's the exhaustive list of podcasts in my subscription list, in alphabetical order:

  1. - Teknikal Diffikulties -
  2. 43 Folders
  3. 6620 West Kidcast
  4. Accident Hash
  5. Adam Curry: Daily Source Code
  6. Bedtime Stories My Kids Love
  7. Bluestreak Network: Joke of the Day
  8. Bluestreak Network: Weekly Wacky Almanac
  9. Cincinnati church of Christ
  10. Coverville
  11. Dave's Lounge
  12. Digital Flotsam
  13. Echoes Podcast
  14. Ed's Mixed Bag
  15. Encouraging Audiobooks - Comedy Clip of the Week
  16. Funnyindian (Cincinnati Comedian Rajiv Satyal)
  17. IMAO Podcast
  18. InsytWorks for Self-Help
  19. Journey Inside My Mind Podcast (yes, I listen to my own podcast, especially to see what my other listeners are experiencing)
  20. K-LOVE Closer Look Podcast
  21. K-LOVE News Podcast
  22. K-LOVE Pastors Roundtable Podcast
  23. KCRW's Martini Shot
  24. Laura's Hollywood Dirt
  25. Lynn Parsons
  26. Miami Valley Musicast
  27. Murmur Music and News
  28. No Idle Frets
  29. One Minute Tip (
  30. podCast411 - Learn about Podcasting and Podcasters
  31. PodCheck Review
  32. podictionary - the podcast for word lovers
  33. weekly trivia quiz
  34. Podsafe Music Network Playlist - Journey Inside My Mind (songs I pick to be played come to my computer/mp3 player automagically. I'll let you know how you can set this up, if you'd like.)
  35. Promos (promos for other podcasts submitted to the PodShow promos site)
  36. Tanfastic (JW - the Official Cheesehead of Journey Inside My Mind)
  37. TGN: Behind the Scenes (another how-to podcast)
  38. The Audio Collective
  39. The Mr. Nice Guy Show!
  40. The SG Show
  41. the tartanpodcast
  42. U-Turn Cafe
  43. WGBH Morning Stories
  44. World News Mashup (you've never heard the news quite like this!)

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MB said...

Thanks for listing Bedtime Stories My Kids Love on your list.