Tuesday, September 03, 2002

The Most ADHD-type Album I've Heard This Year - Feedback

A friend of mine, MN, a teacher in California who is expecting her first child, replied to an email I sent about the Most ADHD Album I've Heard. She writes:

Clever connection to California.

I have mixed feelings about the whole ADHD thing. First of all, pregnant women in the 8th - 9th month should continue to eat lots of veggies, when their child's brains are developing. Secondly, ADHD & ADD are often used as excuses by parents to not offer their children a structured life including discipline & feeling the consequences of their behaviour. So, quite frankly, from a teacher's perspective, I am skeptical of most people who label their kids with either one. Yes, their is a grain of reality in the "disorder." :)

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