Thursday, August 29, 2002

The Most ADHD-type Album I've Heard This Year

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common childhood behavioral disorders and can persist through adolescence and into adulthood. The causes are currently unknown.

What is ADHD?

According to the 2000 American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-IV (DSM-IV-TR), ADHD is a Disruptive Behavior Disorder characterized by on-going inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity occurring in several settings and more frequently and severely than is typical for individuals in the same stage of development. Symptoms begin before age 7 years and can cause serious difficulties in home, school or work life. ADHD can be managed through behavioral or medical interventions, or a combination of the two.

With the above, "official" definition in mind, I wanted to share that I finally listened to Tim McGraw's recent album "Set This Circus Down," and as I read the words to the songs, I was struck by how "ADHD" they sounded.

I don't think that was the original intent, but this is probably a by-product of the recording. I'm sure many others have listened to it and provided their own reviews, but, since I have ADHD, I feel that I can relate a lot to this album. It's almost as though it describes my life, or the path, without conscious effort, that my life could take. Especially the Chorus from the first song, "The Cowboy In Me", which was written by Craig Wisemand, Jeffery Steele, and Al Anderson:

The urge to run
the restlessness
The heart of stone
I sometimes get
The things I've done
for foolish pride
The me that's never
The face that's in the
mirror when I don't
like what I see
I guess that's just
the cowboy in me
Aha! So that's what it is! It makes a little bit of sense, when you think about the original cowboy-types, who risked everything to go west and search for a better life. A lot of this ADHD behavior was indeed useful back then, right California? So, we descendents of these cowboys now display ADHD-type behavior. Interesting, isn't it?


Which brings me to my other thought. I already contribute to six blogs, five of which I own. (By the way, I'm still looking for contributors to Get That Job!) I can see a potential for a blog related to ADD/ADHD. I suppose that my interest in separating the "mind spillage" is so that those on the "Journey Inside My Mind" may know that they can take a specific path if they so desire:I'm just wondering if I devoted an entire blog to ADHD, would people be interested in it and would I benefit from it.

"I guess that's just the cowboy in me."

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