Friday, September 27, 2002

MSNBC | Weblog Central - Blogspotting

MSNBC | Weblog Central - Blogspotting

From the September 26, 2002 2:40 ET post:

Once upon a time, before the Internet revolutionized public discourse, there was only one sure way for a person to become a pundit: get a job as a journalist and hold forth from the pages of a newspaper, magazine or a broadcast organization.

But now, with the explosion of personal online journals known as Weblogs, anyone with something to say and access to the right software can be a publisher, a pundit and observer of events great and small.

Weblogs — personal online journals, saturated with attitude and rich with links to Internet resources — have transformed and democratized the media landscape. What had once quietly flourished in the grassroots of cyberspace has now burst into the mainstream, transforming the way Internet news and communities are perceived.

That’s why MSNBC is launching Weblog Central, your gateway to the world of personal news.

This page will serve as a perch from which you can observe and participate in the brave new world of personal news. We hope you’ll make it a daily destination.

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