Saturday, September 28, 2002

Stay-at-Home Dad

Since Jennie has been working during the day for the past four weeks and recently picked up another job in the evenings, I've become somewhat of a stay-at-home Dad. It's different in a good way:

I get to take Keisha to her weekly speech therapy appointments. We get to hang out together and do fun stuff like go to the library, stop by the UDF (United Dairy Farmers) near the University of Dayton for a soda. We did all three yesterday (Friday).

At 8:30 AM we dropped Jennie off at work and then stopped by the UDF on Brown Street because we were thirsty. We noticed that they had 3 Krispy Kreme donuts for $1.79, so we bought some. After we sat down, Keisha and I began eating our donuts, and I brought out my Bible and told Keisha that we were going to read something from it together. I found the Parable of the Lost Sheep. Then we did our memory verse from this past Tuesday night's Family Devotional, Psalm 37:4.

After this we drove to the clinic to see if my medicine was available for me to pick up. No dice. Then we drove to Children's Medical Center, where Keisha has her speech therapy. She did really well - picking up a lot of vocabulary.

Then we drove to the Dayton and Montgomery County Public Library to check out some videos and some CDs. We also got some books for Keisha to read. They have an entire shelf in the Children's book area devoted to new readers. Cool! We checked out Raffi's Singable Songs Collection, which we all love! She's actually been listening to Raffi since she was a couple months old and I'd sing her the songs from the Singable Songs for the Very Young album.


The Singable Songs Collection

20th Anniversary Special Edition
3 Albums: Singable Songs for the Very Young, More Singable Songs for the Very Young and Corner Grocery Store



Singable Songs for the Very Young

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