Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Random Blogging

I just finished some random blogging, just to see where I'd go, to see if I'd find anything I liked, and to see whether I'd happen to arrive at a blog I'd already seen, or even one of my own:

  1. Journey Inside My Mind
  2. Mr. Lesser's OnLine classroom
  4. Random Jottings, with a good quote
  5. NextDraft News | Extra, Extra and then some
  6. Reli-Update
  7. Republican Women/Silver Valley Organization
  8. Ramblings from the dark side
  9. DisOrganization, with a great post about A Writer's Guide to Procrastination
  10. skaines: blog - nice design!
  11. shtv
  12. Journeyman Onanist - whatever
  13. No Comment.
  14. Xspot
  15. Doxos v4 by Huw Raphael

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