Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How Will YOU Celebrate My Birthday This Year?

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It happens every so many years. My birthday, April 16th, happens to coincide with Easter. I want to thank everyone in advance for celebrating my birthday with me by eating colored hard-boiled eggs, chocolate bunnies, and the like.

I get a warm feeling inside just thinking about it. Or is that from the wings last night?

Whatever the case, you are welcome to send any birthday wishes in the usual ways. I'm even planning on doing a feedback/birthday podcast this week. So why not call (206) 666-JIMM (5466) with some thoughts? Or, if you have a microphone attached to your computer, send me a voice message. It's easy!


Dan said...

One of my best friends, Bob, sent an e-mail with these comments:

I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that -- children everywhere will be giddy in celebrating your birthday this year. They will scamper about looking for baskets filled with toys and candy, they will dream of a big bunny (for some reason, and this is strange, tied to your birthday), and they -- and the adults! - will dress up in their finest to go to church at the worship place of their choice.

All for YOUR birthday!

Happy B-day a few days early, Dan!!

Anonymous said...

yea my 16th birthday is going to fall on easter next year! when i found out i started crying! how can you be happy about that? all your friends are busy and you cant go out of ton becuase you have family 'things', it really sucks! my 16th was supposed to be awsome now its going to SUCK!!!!!!

Daniel said...

Anonymous, maybe you can make the Saturday before something special. Thanks for the comment!