Wednesday, April 12, 2006

First Eye Exam in 4 Years

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This morning I had my first eye exam in 4 years:

I was leaving a job in July 2002, and I had an exam and got glasses. Because of the financial situation we'd been in over the last 4 years, I hadn't gone to get another eye exam and glasses.

It wasn't until the past few weeks until I really began to realize that my glasses weren't working as well anymore. I went online to our vision insurance company and found an eye doctor just up the street from where we live.

The optometrist and I talked about contact lenses. I stopped wearing them around 1993 because they weren't able to correct for my astigmatism. Now there are contacts that do. So I might look into that.

Part of the eye exam involves putting some drops into my eyes to dilate the pupils. That way the doctor can look into my eyes and check my retinas, etc.

He mentioned, at the close of my exam, that because I'm nearsighted, my eyes are larger/longer than normal, which lends the retina to get stretched. So he said I should really get my eyes examined once a year because there is a risk of the retinas tearing. First time an eye doctor told me that.

As I was checking out, the receptionist said I had a $10 copay and asked for method of payment. I looked in my wallet and said, "Alexander Hamilton", pulling out a $10 bill.

We'll probably head over to LensCrafters later to look at glasses and frames. I like that I can get my glasses right away instead of waiting a week.

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