Friday, August 16, 2002

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Erin asks, "What are your favorite things from past decades--a TV show, clothing trend, style of music, etc.? (i.e. rollerskates/four wheelers, Transformers, bell bottoms)" I replied:

Somewhere I have a die-cast miniature Millennium Falcon, which I got as a Christmas gift when I was younger. I know that it probably is a collector's item, but I'd need to find it first. I also had an almost-complete set of "Empire Strikes Back" story cards. I remember the anger I felt at the kid down the street, who wouldn't trade me the card I needed for a duplicate one that I had.

I keep a lot of my original writing, which I wrote back in high school and college. Once I found my "voice", so to speak (no pun intended), I found that I really enjoy writing.

I used to have several LPs: Cheap Trick, KISS, and others. When I moved out on my own, however, I gave those to my Dad, who has a huge record collection and the record player.

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