Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Spending the Night Away From Our Car

Our car sits in the church parking lot tonight. The engine would not turn over, and it didn't need a jump start. My initial hunch is that the starter is bad. It is, after all, a 13-year old car, so I wouldn't be surprised that is the case:

Fortunately we were leaving from a midweek service, and fortunately there were other people around us willing to get us home, especially Kelly.

Maybe it just needs to rest. We'll need to figure out how to get to it tomorrow and then to get it to a repair shop, and to get the repairs needed.

Car problems are very frustrating, and I'd probably be worried sick if I didn't have Jennie around. For some reason, knowing that we're going through this together helps.

Didn't Jesus say, "Do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will have enough problems of its own."?

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