Sunday, August 06, 2006

Power, Podcasting, and Plans

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Yesterday at around 5 PM someone had an accident in which they crashed their car into a telephone pole at an intersection just outside our apartment complex:

We were on our way home and noticed some traffic lights out, and we saw a Hamilton County Sheriff car activate its lights and speed off. When we got to our apartment complex, we saw the accident. We seriously hope that the people involved in the accident are okay. The crash had snapped the top part of the telephone pole, and there were live wires around. Hence the traffic signals being out.

When we got home, we realized that the power to our home was also out. We opened the windows, and I had to shut the computer off because it had been running off the batteries. Fortunately for us, we had dinner plans at another family's home. More about that in a separate post, perhaps.

In the Dark, Relying on the One who is Powerful

When we got home after 9:30 PM, the power was still out. We found a flashlight, and since the batteries we had weren't working with the other flashlights, I lit candles around our home.

Keisha, naturally, was afraid, and we did our best to reassure her. We told her that the power company was working as hard and as fast as they could to get power back on. More importantly, God, who never sleeps, is watching over her, and he's given her a Mommy and Daddy who are watching out for her, too.

Jennie and I set the alarms on our cell phones to go off at 6 AM this morning, but at 11:21 PM last night, the power came back on - thankfully (it was muggy inside our home), as evidenced by the fans turning back on, along with other lights that had come on from our turning the switches out of habit.

I immediately set our alarm clock (that's why I remember it was 11:21 PM) and went to every room and blew out the candles.

Jennie remarked last night as we came home that she wished there was some kind of food voucher we all could get whenever something like this happened. You see, she had just gone to the grocery store a couple days ago. We'll have to go through the items in the refrigerator and freezer to see if they are still fresh.

But it's not just us; its everyone in our section of the apartmennt complex.

Podcast Delay and Some Exciting Changes

So I haven't spent any time putting together a show for this week. It's been yuckily hot, and, well, other things have taken priority, naturally. Maybe some time this afternoon or evening, perhaps.

Also, there are going to be some exciting changes going on for us as the next several months progress - (no, we're not having another baby, Mom). I'll have to talk about those in a separate post.

Okay, I'll divulge 1 big thing: August 21st is my 1-year anniversary in podcasting. I welcome your audio comments specifically, but you can also send e-mail. Please visit the podcast page for contact details. You can do something directly via the website or call the Listener Hotline.

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