Thursday, August 31, 2006

Recent IM Status Messages I've Had

For some reason, I thought this was a good idea. Especially as I continue to add custom IM status messages over time. I've been using GoogleTalk and Windows Messenger as my IM clients over the past several months, and they provide the ability to use a "custom message". Here are some that I've had recently, in no particular order:

Face and turn the rain
Turn and face the rain
The Dream Police, they live inside of my head...
I Want You To Want Me
Library and hang time with the fam
"I LOVE getting up in the morning! I CLAP my hands together and say, 'THIS is going to be a great day."
Message in a Bottle, yeah
Do I have to tell the story of a thousand rainy days since we first met?
Loose talk in the classroom, to hurt they try and try
There has to be an Invisible Son, that gives hope to everyone
With one breath, with one blow, you will know synchronicity
Packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes
Bring on the Night
It's my destiny to be the King of Pain
The telephone is ringing, is that my mother on the phone?
Reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to Keisha
106 miles to Chicago, a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses.
Code Monkey drink big cup of coffee
Hot summer goodness and black coffee wishes
Go Bengals!


Kevin said...

great quotes Dan, I'm a big Police fan myself. I saw the Syncronicity tour live in the late 80's and now live in England like Sting does!

You seen the podcast with a short interview of Steward Copeland?

lemme find the link... hmmm.. pause...

oh, here it is. short, but sweet.

Dan said...

Interesting you mentioned this... These status messages were done around the time the interview occurred, from what I remembered Bruce from The Zedcast saying.

Thanks for the comment!