Sunday, January 01, 2006


Mood: yucky
Listening to: BusinessWeek podcast for 12/21/05, interview with Paige and Gretchen of Mommycast
Reading: Luke 5, Gen 1-2, Ps 1
Eating: Krispy Kreme donuts and vegetable soup - drinking lots and lots of water
Watching: "To Kill A Mockingbird" on TV

The first section of this post is kinda gross - you may want to skip it


Hey everybody. I'm feeling pretty yucky. I've caught another cold, which may be evident if you listen to this week's podcast.

The medicine I'm taking helps thin the mucus, but it also makes me drowsy and thirsty. In addition, this morning I got ready for church, but decided to stay home at the last minute because I'd started throwing up mucus.

Then I changed into bed clothes and went to bed. I've spent much of the weekend sleeping and resting.


Prayers go out to IreneQ, the Official Blogger of Introspection, as well as to Paul, the Official Dirt Track Photographer/All-around Missional Redneck Chaplain, of Journey Inside My Mind. Both of them are starting off the new year without jobs. I know of others who are starting off the year looking for gainful employment.

I created a blog for job-seekers in 2002 called Get That Job, which has a lot of information and resources to help, for what it's worth.

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