Wednesday, January 18, 2006

On the Search for a Different Car

Mood: hard-pressed, but not beaten down
Listening to: 6620 West Kidcast
Reading: lots of used car ads
Eating: Smooth and Bumpy, a snack that Keisha created for us

It has been a very trying week for us, as we've been on the search for a different car. You may recall that our other car - our only mode of transportation - died last week. I thought I'd provid an update here:

More than anything, it's a faith-building experience, an experience in surrender before the Almighty God. Some may say that's a little bit or a lot over the top, but we believe that God is able to do for us things we cannot do ourselves.

To be true, we need to do work for this ourselves. But, at least for me, I'm so prone to stress and anxiety in this situation. I know that God can help with that. I believe that God is able to work certain things that are beyond our control out for our good.

We've looked at a few cars, and checked a lot of other cars out on the internet via CarFax, which I highly recommend.

We've been renting a vehicle during this time, and that is the equivalent of more than filling up the gas tank every day. This big drain on our bank account is a cause for stress, and it's overflowed in my interactions with Jennie, Keisha, and our pets.

I'm so prone to frustration, and the anger and rage I feel from not being in control of these aspects of our circumstances has led to sinful behavior; namely, angry outbursts, impatience, and episodes of self-harm.

Please keep us in your prayers. The podcast episode will probably be delayed at least a few days, until we get the car situation straightened out.

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