Friday, January 06, 2006

JIMM 16 on the Soundseeing Podcast!

Hey everybody! I recently submitted episode 16 of the Journey Inside My Mind podcast to Dave, who puts out the Soundseeing Podcasts site. He also is one of the main characters of the Audio Collective podcast, which I've been subscribed to for some time.

Dave has posted that episode at the Soundseeing Podcasts site, and you can find the link here:

Soundseeing Podcasts >> JIMM 16 - The Cheryl Dawson Memorial Walk-a-thon
As Dave puts it:
This Soundseeing tour depicts The Cheryl Dawson Memorial Walk-a-thon. It is not done as a normal soundseeing tour where the surroundings are described. This one is portrayed through the voices of those that attended. It is an interesting way to do a soundseeing tour and also is a very moving podcast.
I'm very happy that many more people are having an opportunity to hear this podcast, to say the least.

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1 comment:

Margaret said...

I can only say the Cheryl Dawson podcast deserves any attention it receives.
Dan found a way to get into the hearts of those who were affected by this crime of violence and yet still find hope in doing something about the cause.