Thursday, April 12, 2007

How Do You Use GMail Labels?

You probably already know, if you've emailed me, that I love GMail. If I remember correctly, I got my first invitation within a month that GMail had been launched. It wasn't long before I moved nearly all my email correspondence to GMail.

One of the features I like about it, which makes it different from other web-based email systems I'd used like Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail, is Labels. GMail extends the usual Folder concept by allowing you to assign multiple labels to messages.

The other really useful feature is that you can search your GMail. Let's say, for example, that you need to find an email about "Journey Inside My Mind". You type that in the search field, and GMail searches your entire mail account for it, listing your results.

As I've thought about this recently, I'm beginning to wonder why I use Labels in the first place if I'm going to use GMail Search to find them. Here's where you can help.

How do you use GMail labels? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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Chuck said...

I use gmailFS/gmail drive. That puts files in the >2GB storage using a label. Then I can sign into the gDrive and have my files there or log in using the web and get to them.
Win32 driver

Ed Ovett said...

I can fully appreciate what Chuck said and what he does (that doesn't mean I understand it); however I only use the "Search" feature continuously!!

David said...

sometimes i sort out email that comes in from certain people or about certian thing and label it and it goes into another folder... i use stars the most but i like the river of email thing. and if i need to sort it out i use the search.