Sunday, February 11, 2007

Working on new, custom RSS feed for JIMM Podcast

I could seriously go back to bed right now. I got pleasantly distracted yesterday with the idea of creating my own RSS feed for the Journey Inside My Mind Podcast.

Right now, FeedBurner is creating the feed from whatever Blogger puts on the front page. I had initially set up the blog to show 999 posts per page, so that everything would be on the front page and therefore also in the feed. After about 50 episodes or so, it was taking too long for the page to load, so I opted to limit the number to the last 50 episodes per page.

I recently was reminded that Rob at podcast411 has a tutorial on how to create an RSS feed by hand. That got me thinking that I could have, at a minimum, feeds with 50 episodes in them at a time. That way, new listeners could subscribe to it and then easily be able to pick up some of the older episodes, some of which are my personal favorites.

I think I will opt instead to use this feed for everything. It is a small task to maintain this with every episode that gets released, and it will always redirect subscribers back to the main page.

So I spent over 6 hours yesterday getting the first 55 episodes into the new feed. I'm currently up to 79 episodes, so it's just a bit more work to get them into the master feed.

Then I get to work with the FeedBurner folks to redirect the podcast feed from the original Atom feed on the blog to this new feed. I've heard about it done from other podcasters, and it appears to be seamless.

I may opt to record the episode for this coming week today or continue assembling the rest of the episodes into the new RSS feed.

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