Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Receiving Press Coverage

I've been in the newspaper a few times in my life, and fortunately all of them have been good occasions. Let me see if I can remember correctly (cue the harp music):

  • Winning the elementary school spelling bee, which meant I got to go to the citywide spelling bee
  • Going to Buckeye Boys State in high school
  • Mentioned a few times in the University of Cincinnati's News Record (after the '93 elections, in someone else's column, and in an article I wrote about continuing education)
  • Being on the front page of one of the sections of the USA Today. Having been interviewed and picture taken while walking in a dumpster, working on a project to restore an inner city building so that people could live in it again.
  • Being on the front page of the Christmas Eve edition of the newspaper, when I volunteered for the Salvation Army
  • That time when we lived in Middletown, Ohio, and were with some friends, and both their daughter Rachel and our daughter Keisha wore overalls. I was able to pick both of them up at the back part and swing them around. The photographer snapped our picture and it, too, wound up being on the front page.
  • Now, recently, in comments made during an online poll to select the Best of Borgman 2006. Jim Borgman is the editorial cartoonist for the Cincinnati Enquirer. Check out number 18 on the list. I know it's minor but it's still in the newspaper! :P
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