Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Life Map

Doug from has apparently started a new meme in the blogosphere, involving the new Google multi-directional maps.

I went to Google Maps and entered in every place I've lived since I was 3 years old:

I honestly can't remember the streets where I lived before then. Some of them might not be around any more. And I think I left out some of the times when I moved from one place to another and back. In addition, I purposely made sure some addresses were vague to protect those who still live there. I also left out the addresses where we stayed with the Official Mom when we visited in Texas because I couldn't remember them. I'll probably have to check with her.

Check out the resulting Google Map (note, made into a TinyUrl for convenience).

According to Google, the journey that took me 33 years is 766 mi and can be traversed in about 14 hours.

What's your Life Map look like? Go to Google Maps and create yours. Post a link in the comments or put it up on your own blog if you've got one. Leave a comment here so we can go see it.


salguod said...

Cool! I recognize a couple of those addresses, particularly the infamous Victor St. house.

So, when did you live in West Bloomfield? Kinda interesting that we both lived in the Detroit area, you before our college days and me after.

Dan said...

Yeah, I lived a few houses down from that Victor St. house.

I lived in Keego Harbor for some months during 1990-1991 when I worked at General Dynamics in Sterling Heights for co-op quarters at the University of Cincinnati.

It was nice being up there, and I often wonder how it's all changed over these years.