Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 Year In Review

As 2006 draws to a close, we figured it was time to reflect on all that has happened this past year, as we look forward to 2007. One thing that may not be apparent is that Dan has been doing the Journey Inside My Mind podcast throughout the year. We thought it would have been repetitious to repeat what happened there each month. So here goes:

  1. In January we found a different car, since our other one died on the highway. Dan saw an orthopedic surgeon for some lower back pains.
  2. In February Dan and Jennie became uncle and aunt, and Keisha became cousin to James Alexander, new son of Dan's sister Mandy.
  3. In March Dan got a lumbar injection, and we three attended a conference in Columbus at the Ohio School for the Deaf, which was about being parents of deaf and hard of hearing children.
  4. In April Dan completed his 36th year and tried out contact lenses for the first time since college (back in glasses at the present time, tho!). Jake got into a dogfight with another dog.
  5. In May the election year phone calls started coming, and Dan caught a seriously bad sore throat and head cold, and his ears got clogged up. Our car broke down in front of our apartment, and Jennie's uncle fixed it up for us. Keisha got a videophone from Sorensen communications. And we wished Jennie and mothers everywhere a Happy Mother's Day.
  6. In June Jennie and Dan completed their 11th year of marital bliss! Yee Ha! Also, Dan got vulnerable about things going on with Keisha during the 50th episode of his podcast. Speaking of Keisha, we noticed that she'd grown quite taller. Jennie and Keisha wished Dan a Happy Father's Day in a special way.
  7. In July we rejoiced as Keisha turned 9 years old. Dan and Jennie also got to meet up with some folks we knew back in college in the campus ministry.
  8. In August we continued to endure the blistering summer heat, often with random power outages affecting the entire neighborhood. As Dan's job status changed, we welcomed the start of the football season.
  9. In September we began homeschooling Keisha, and Dan was interviewed by someone for a book about self-injury, which will be coming out in 2007. Dan realized he'd been podcasting for over a year and then started to Twitter. We all participated in the One Voice Cheryl Dawson Memorial Walk for Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention.
  10. In October it was "Allergies Gone Wild!" again in the Johnson household, we celebrated Jennie's birthday. In our spare time we watched two kids, two dogs, and a house, which was a life-changing experience.
  11. In November the elections finally came and went, Dan wrote and performed a blues song, finally opted to shave off his beard. We three decided to start the Homeschooler Podcast.
  12. In December Dan provided daily video updates to the Journey Inside My Mind blog, which also won a blog award! Keisha got an email reply from Santa, and we all had a great Christmas.
What will 2007 hold in store for us? Be sure to stay in touch so that you can find out. Copy and paste the feed URL into your news aggregator. Or you can go to the "Subscribe" section on the sidebar and enter your email address to receive updates via email. Isn't that neat?

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Cool idea. Enjoyed reading each month!