Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Our Exuberant Ballerina

Keisha, as one of her 5 year old birthday presents, began dance class last night. She was so hyped!! And proud, too! I get so encouraged when she shows us what she's learned.

She made a new friend, and she invited her and her mom to come to our church... Jennie was so inspired by that. Me too!

Some people need to be told to evangelize, but this girl did it out of the bottom of her heart. She was like this as we approached her birthday party, which was last Friday-Saturday (another post altogether). Anyone we'd meet, whether at church, while shopping, at the doctor's office, at the library - she'd ask them if they would come to her birthday party. We'd only invited five other girls, so when Keisha did this, we'd have to make sure these people knew that it had already been planned.

Still, we are so fired up about our daughter's natural exuberance! It's as though whenever she walks into the room, she needs to make sure others know that she's arrived. Now I understand that this behavior can be taken to the extreme and appear conceited. Yet she has a magnetism that naturally draws people to her. That's a great quality!

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