Friday, July 26, 2002

Get That Job! - New Blog Launched

I am pleased to announce the launch of "Get That Job!", a weblog devoted entirely to the job search. The idea is to have many contributors - i.e., not just me - who can post to the page. It could be a snippet of advice, a good quote from somewhere, some encouragement, success stories, job market information, etc. This idea is similar to the one at The End of Free.

So, if you happen to be interested in contributing, let me know:

Also, if you know someone else who may be interested, then let me know about them as well. I will need valid e-mail addresses so that I can set you up to contribute. Maybe you or others aren't interested in being regular contributors but would like to contribute occasionally. In that case e-mail me: Dan's e-mail address at with whatever you have and it will be considered for posting there.

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