Monday, March 05, 2007

Quick Updates

Geez. I was feeling better over the weekend. Now I'm experiencing the full-on, head-in-a-vise sinus congestion, and I'm leaving work to go home and get better.

Speaking of which, yesterday Jennie and I spent the afternoon and evening bagging, vacuuming, and general cleaning our room to take care of the bedbug problem. We went to Wal-Mart beforehand and bought a new Bissel vacuum, which I put together myself with ease. We also bought some mattress covers for our mattress and boxspring.

I thoroughly vacuumed our mattress, boxspring, bedframe, floor, and baseboards, as Jennie put a bunch of stuff into bags- some bags to throw away; others to set aside for later.

It was a better night's sleep for us, I think.

Well, time for me to get on home with a quick detour to the pharmacy for some major non-prescription sinus medicine.

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