Friday, March 16, 2007

Frustrations with hearing impairment show need for sensitivity

Earlier I made this post on Twitter:

*!$% hearing impairments! Ugh. So frustrating sometimes!
Then I put my daughter to bed, cooling off a little bit. I returned and decided I should post again:
Clarification on my last Twitter: I'm just frustrated at hearing impairment. Ppl who know me understand that we deal with it every day
Now the real back story. Earlier as I was trying to get her into bed, different things kept coming up to hinder that. Then as she was getting her bed ready, I was in the living room, and she called out. She needed a pillow because hers were in the dryer.

So I told her to get one from our bedroom. She apparently didn't hear me - go figure. So I called out a bit louder for her to get one from our bedroom. Again - so I basically called out as loud as I could for her to hear.

A few minutes later I went to her room to tuck her in, and she had this hurt expression on her face. "I don't like when you yell at me," she said.

That's what I meant by hating the frustration of hearing impairment. I need to remind myself constantly that I practically need to be in the same room as Keisha in order for her to hear me; especially when she has her hearing aids out at night. If I'm going to be sensitive, I need to make this kind of effort.

I have written about our experiences with deafness and hearing impairment a lot in this blog, but I'd love to know what you have to say.

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