Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Two More Domain Names

Today I bought two more domain names:

Yes, that's right. Another podcast is in the works, folks. If you listened to episode 65 of the JIMM Podcast (and if you didn't, there's your chance), you may know that we've been tossing the idea of a homeschooling podcast around. The neat thing about this show is that I'll be mainly the producer; Jennie will be providing more of the content. So I get the wonderful job of setting up the feed, comment hotline, etc., which is pretty much fun.

Additionally, it's about time that I got a hold of Jazzmania Productions, since that's going to be the name of the company. Right now it points to a blog I started through Blogger beta. As I mentioned over there, I've been mulling that name for over 18 years. I think that domain will become the one domain to rule them all (insert sinister laugh).

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