Monday, October 30, 2006

Jennie's Birthday

Yesterday, was my wife Jennie's birthday. I've learned over our 13+ years of being together that it's important to her that it's special.

Our church has a section in the weekly announcements called the "Christian Advertiser":

Want to post an ad for your business? An upcoming event? A love letter to your Sweetie? Having a garage sale? Selling a car? Advertise here! Use this avenue of communication to reach the congregation.
I submitted the following, to honor my wife:
To my lovely and beautiful wife, Jennie Johnson. I am so glad you were born on this day, October 29th, because you have enriched the lives of so many others. Keisha and I are so blessed because of you. You complete me. You make me want to be a better man. In many ways, you are like my conscience. I praise and thank our God for you. You are the best mother for our daughter, and I'm amazed at the love and compassion you have. Truly, you are my wife of noble character. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Love, your husband,
This notice was sent in to those who subscribe via email to the announcements, and it was prominently displayed at both entrances to the building. In addition, it was announced at church that it was her birthday, much to Jennie's embarrassment (a good thing!).

Afterward we went to Golden Corral, a buffet style restaurant, and a group of the servers came over and did a Happy Birthday cheer for Jennie that went something like this:
LEADER: I don't know but I've been told -
CREW: I don't know but I've been told -
LEADER: Jennie here is getting old!
CREW: Jennie here is getting old!
LEADER: The best thing is her dessert is free!
CREW: The best thing is her dessert is free!
LEADER: The worst thing is I sing off-key!
CREW: The worst thing is I sing off-key!
LEADER: Sound off!
CREW: Hap-py!
LEADER: Sound off!
CREW: Birth-day!
LEADER: Sound off!
EVERYONE: Hap-py birth-day... To You!
I imagine restaurants are doing that instead of the traditional "Happy Birtday" song because there still exists an active copyright for that song, and there are performance rights with that, etc.

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