Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Keisha's Castle Story

It looks like Keisha spent some time typing on the computer yesterday. She was talking about a dream she had/dream she'd made up, involving a castle, king, queen, etc. It looks like she started typing it up:

Once apon a time There was a princess,prince,Queen,King they lived in a Castle the princess named keisha and the prince named jake the Queen'name is jennie the king's name is dan
the princess went to the pond and wade her feet along the waves but in the trees a .....HUNTER oh on they are tring to hurt her
Speaking of castles, for art yesterday we made our own castles out of Play-Doh(™). Gotta get some AAA batteries for the camera so that I can take pictures. Oh, Keisha took hers apart and put it away. The castles Jennie and I made are still intact. Keisha said she really likes mine.

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