Friday, March 14, 2008

Shaping up to be a busy weekend

The weekend is here and it's setting up to be a busy one:

  • Jennie works tonight.
  • Saturday morning we have our weekly Weight Watchers meeting.
  • After that meeting we're going to call the pediatrician to see if she'll see Keisha about her earache, the same one that's been keeping her from wearing her hearing aids.
  • Saturday afternoon I'm going to the New Media Cincinnati meetup.
  • Sunday morning I'm singing in the choir at church, an a cappella song called "How Excellent". It's gonna be awesome.
  • I'll also be helping run the sound during the service. Come join us if you'd like.
  • Sunday afternoon I have a 20-year reunion planning meeting with other classmates.
  • Sunday evening I'll be on The Pod 5 Live, and I hope you'll join the party there as well.
Somewhere between we'll be resting and eating and grocery shopping and somehow spending time together as a family. I guess I'll be looking forward to getting back to work on Monday so that I can get some rest, ;-) .

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