Friday, March 21, 2008

New Media Cincinnati - iRiver Introductions

At the March New Media Cincinnati meetup, I passed around the iRiver so that folks could introduce themselves, not only to those present at the meetup, but also to folks who were not able to make it.

In order of appearance:

1. Daniel Johnson, Jr.

2. Jeremy Laughlin

3. Daniel Lewis,

4. Andrew Paradies,

5. Krista Neher,

6. Lin Miller

7. Brent Miller,

8. Heather Mandato

9. Angelo Mandato,

10. Amybeth Hale

11. Katy McGreevey

12. Shawn Sackenheim

13. Debba Haupert

14. Ram,

15. Cliff Ravenscraft,

16. Kristen Beireis,…enthusiast

17. Andy Osier,

18. Barbara Baker

Long distance mention of Chris Bergman from

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