Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thank you Sophia Ramos and Matthew Ebel for helping me get to work today

Situation: Our 1993 Saturn SL2 needs brake job. It's our only car. I work in Dayton but live in Cincinnati. We got a rental from Enterprise, and it has working A/C and a CD player. We dropped our car off at the mechanic's shop in Mount Healthy last night, and I drove the car to work this morning.

Normally, I'd listen to podcasts through my iRiver. I opted instead today to bring some CDs from home. I am so glad I did. I came into the office today so fired up from listening to Her Majesty from Sophia Ramos and Beer & Coffee from Matthew Ebel. Specifically, the following songs, in order, just made the hour-long commute so much more bearable (links to the iTunes Music Store):

Off Sophia Ramos's album, "Her Majesty"

  1. "Black Madonna"
  2. "What I Do Know"
  3. "Esperanza"
  4. "Kill Your Pain"
  5. "Torn Down"
Off Matthew Ebel's album, "Beer and Coffee"
  1. "I Know You're There"
  2. "Trees"
  3. "Nothing"
  4. "Latté Days & Porter Nights"
Why not spend some coffee money and pick up some of these tunes? Or buy the albums - they're both rock-solid.

To Sophia and Matthew -- thank you so much again for sharing your talents. You both rock!!

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