Tuesday, August 14, 2007

danieljohnsonjr's Master Podcast Subscription Mashup

Okay, so I subscribe to a lot of podcasts. I think I have over 75 feeds in my collection at PodShow. Thankfully, I don't have to manage all of those individual subscriptions on my computer as the shows download. I used to at first, but when PodShow introduced Channels, I jumped on board. I started using GigaDial and Odeo to get individual items into a feed, shows that I not necessarily wanted to subscribe to, but just wanted to check out and/or make available to others.

PodShow+ does a pretty good job of helping manage the content delivery. I subscribe to my channel RSS feeds using Juice, and I'm glad that I only have a few subscriptions for each of my channels, versus the total number of subscriptions I have.

I also like being able to check out shownotes pages for the shows I subscribe to, and, until recently, I would subscribe to each individual feed in Google Reader. I found myself going through each individual show again, which became a bit cumbersome.

So after playing around with Yahoo! Pipes, which I first heard about some months ago from Christopher Penn, I am happy to say that I've created a configurable pipe, entitled "danieljohnsonjr's Master Podcast Subscription Mashup". It defaults to show 50 items, but you can increase or decrease that number as you wish. The pipe generates an RSS feed that I have subscribed to in Google Reader. I could similarly subscribe to this feed in Juice and further reduce the number of feeds I have there. I haven't decided yet. I can also listen to podcasts via Google Reader.

What I like about pipes is the ability to mashup content like this from various sources into one source, which is easier to manage.

So, if you wanna see my entire collection in a single feed, create one of your own from my subscriptions, or create your own to share, here you go:

Pipes >> danieljohnsonjr's Master Podcast Subscription Mashup: (link), (iTunes), (RSS)
As I play around with this tool, I can't help but consider its possibilities to aggregate information related to something for my job. Still letting that potential marinate. What interesting ways have you found to use Yahoo! Pipes?

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