Friday, January 05, 2007

Work Changes Exercise Routine

It's been a few days since I posted anything here, and something just came to mind that I thought I'd share:

I recently started back to work in an office, after four months of being at home every day. I had the flexibility to take our dog for walks, which also gave me good exercise. I'd taken up these Two-Mile Weigel Walks*, as I call them, to help my lower back get healthy and to lose some weight.

Now that I'm working in an office five days per week, I don't have that discretionary time anymore. So I got to thinking, how am I going to get the exercise I used to get? I've opted to do more walking to get around. My job takes me up and down a floor in our office building, and the elevator is a convenient option.

So I'm hoping that walking up and down the steps throughout my day will help me stay active. In addition, we have a membership to our YMCA, and I'm going to make time to go there every weekend.

Another thing I think I'm going to have to watch is the snacking. Every day it seems that someone has brought something into the office to share. In addition vending machines are readily available for snacking and for sodas.

Speaking of sodas, I'm going to keep on limiting my intake. When at home, I'd usually only drink coffee and water. I'm going to keep on doing this as I'm at the office.

* The walk from our home to Weigel Elementary School and back is two miles.

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Jeff said...

I was very concerned at first upon reading about your Weigal walks... I was sincerely afraid there may be a relationship with Kiegal exercising... that footnote came just in time for me not to send professional help...