Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jazz and Java at the Library

Fortunately for us we came to the Lane Public Library on the first Sunday of the month. It turns out that they have someone playing music from 2-3PM, and they provide some coffee as well. Not just someone, but a great guitar player named Bill Littleford. When we walked in, I thought the library was playing a jazz guitar CD. Then I saw Bill playing over in a corner. It was really nice to watch his technique of playing the different positions along the fretboard, as well as his style of picking and plucking the strings.

I also got to meet some other musicians in the audience, including DuWayne Cunningham's brother.

We'll be sure to come back next month.

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Kevin Cooper said...

Bill's an excellent talent. You can add one more band to his portfolio; he and I are now in a new band together called The Tipplers, which is a country/roots rock sounding 4-piece. Our web site will be, which will be written soon, pending some photos and audio. Our next appearance will be at the St. Alphonso's festival in College Corner, OH on May 19, going on around 6-7pm or so. More shows to come as well. -Kevin