Monday, November 06, 2006

Wrote a song about it

A preview of something I'm working on for the Journey Inside My Mind podcast, a true story:

Rainy Day Blues - written by Dan Johnson, Jr.

Well I woke up this morning, and the sky was looking gray (repeat)
Cuz the clouds they done opened, and it was a rainy day

Got the rainy day blues going on inside my head (repeat)
When you've got the rainy day blues, sometimes you wish that you were dead

Tried to take the dog, but it wanted to stay in bed (repeat)
Tried to give her a treat, but she up and bit me instead

Repeat Chorus

I put on the dog on the leash to take her out so that I could pray (repeat)
She wriggled out of her collar, up and ran away

Repeat Chorus
It actually happened last Wednesday, and I wrote the song on two paper napkins in 15 minutes before I got up in front of a restaurant to sing it with the Burnin' Dr. Feelgood and the Feelgood Posse.

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