Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Focus on Ohio - Again

It's a crucial midterm election, and the focus seems to shifting to Ohio - again:

I heard on the radio (yes I still listen to it on occasion) that lawyers are arriving at the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport because of the election. Some apparently believe that Ohio voters may be disenfranchised. I don't like that. I know there are many who blame Ohio for the last presidential election, and it comes across as though these people think we're stupid.

Nevertheless, it's a big ballot this year, with lots of offices up for grabs on the local, state, and federal level in both the legislative and judicial branches. Ohio also chooses a new governor today. In addition, there are several state and local issues that we'll be deciding.

Our precinct is really close to our home; in fact, it's our apartment complex's rental office. I plan on bringing my iRiver with me to get a few sound bites. We'll see how that goes.

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