Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Welcome Bene Diction Blogs On Readers!

Mood: elated and slightly tired
Listening to: a program on PBS about Lucille Ball
Reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5), with Keisha - just finished ch. 3

Bene Diction, the Official Canuck of Journey Inside My Mind, writes (my links):

Journey Inside My Mind has found his niche. Dan - you are a natural at podcasting. And thanks for introducing us to Ganns Dean (Superblessed) music, which I think is very cool.
Ganns is the Official Superblessed Blogger of Journey Inside My Mind, you may recall.

I'll be doing the 60th episode this coming weekend, and I realized a short while ago that I've almost been doing this for an entire year. Please check out the show, and leave feedback - good, bad, and ugly.

Update: It looks like Ganns is up at the Podsafe Music Network as of today. I think that's supercool because he's got the potential to get played by podcasters from all over the world now, not just my little show! ;)

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