Saturday, July 15, 2006

Two Big Things Happened Today

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As the post title, indicates, today was a big day for us:

Thing 1 - Keisha's Birthday Party

We had a birthday party for Keisha at Big Top Bear, the same place where she got a newborn bear (refer to that particular episode of JIMM podcast). There were some kids from 4 different areas of her life:

  1. church
  2. school
  3. ASL class/Camp ASL
  4. neighbors
It was pretty cool to see all these kids spend time together. I took lots of pictures which might end up at the Flickr page soon.

Each girl got a bear. Keisha got lots of gifts. Big Top Bear is probably one of the best places to have a birthday party, in my opinion - they did it up for the kids.

Thing 2 - Campus Ministry Reunion

Jennie and I wound up meeting each other in the campus ministry through our church back in the early '90s. Tonight there was a reunion, in which lots of people- close to 75 in fact - came in from all over - many from such distant places as Florida, Massachusetts, and Missouri.

Jennie got up and shared about her gratitude to the woman who invited her to study the Bible. She spoke very eloquently for being so nervous.

Lots of pictures and photo albums passed around. Some videos made from back then of me and some others lip synching to songs. Stuff worthy of YouTube and Google Video.

Some pictures taken. E-mail addresses left. Business cards exchanged. Sharing old memories. Sharing recent stories. Pictures of each others' kids. Receding hairlines and bulging waistlines.

There were even baskets filled with typical campus stuff: deck of cards, pocket notebook, highlighter, Ramen noodles, box of macaroni and cheese, frisbee.

Good times.

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