Sunday, July 30, 2006

TV Volume Poltergeist

Mood: happy and tired
Listening to: Keisha getting ready for bed
Eating: leftover LaRosa's pizza
Watching: 1st half of Glory Road

We were puzzled earlier tonight. It seemed that, for no reason whatsoever, all of a sudden the volume on our TV would get increased to the maximum. The Mute button on the remote control wouldn't work, and when we tried to turn the volume down with the remote control and by hand, it wouldn't stay down.

So we'd have to turn the TV off and turn it back on. That seemed to work. For a little while.

Jennie and I were trying to figure out what was going on. It seemed as though someone else had control of our TV. We speculated that it was because the TV was 10 years old.

And then I got up and walked around the coffee table:

Yesterday I disconnected our digital cable box and our cable modem. I put the remote control for the cable box with this stuff. It appears that the remote control can still control our TV, even though it's not connected with the digital cable box anymore. I saw that the cable modem was sitting on the remote control, pressing the TV and Volume control.

Whew. And we were thinking that Otis, our house ghost, was back. What? I just heard a sound from somewhere in the apartment.

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