Thursday, February 09, 2006

Your Plans for Tonight

Whatever you have planned for this evening, get ready to change.

Tonight at 9:30 PM EST, ABC will be re-airing the Superbowl episode of "Grey's Anatomy", which is the first of a two-parter that will conclude this coming Sunday evening.

This episode is called "It's the End of the World", with this Sunday's episode called "(As We Know It)".

In the episode that is being re-aired this evening, the hospital has a "Code Black" - i.e., a bomb threat. I saw it on Sunday, and it was a nail-biter with one heck of a cliffhanger. The writing, direction, and photography was so excellently done.

So, gentle readers. That's your assignment for tonight. Tune in at 9:30 PM EST to ABC for the re-airing of the Superbowl episode of "Grey's Anatomy". We'll meet again tomorrow to discuss, if you'd like.

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