Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Almost a Nephew

My baby sister Mandy will be having a baby today, Valentine's Day 2006. This is her first baby and the Official Mom's first grandson. So we're excited.

As of 9:52 AM EST, Mandy had just received an epidural and was dilated to 5 cm, so it will be less than two hours.

Mandy has been miserable these last few weeks, so it will be a welcome relief to finally see her son James.

This is the same sister whom I remember vividly holding when Mom and Paul, my stepfather, brought her home. She was a "bald-headed" baby. I remember teaching her how to crawl, and that she would suck her middle and ring fingers and call me "bro-bro".

Now she gets to look forward to the same things with her son.

I am just praying for everything to go okay, and that James is healthy. Mandy, too, for that matter.

More to come later.

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